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Important Dates

Important Dates

Term Dates 2016/17


Autumn Term 

1st September  First Day of Term 
5th September   Year 1 & 2 Parent Information Session
7th September  Reception Parent Workshop- Phonics 
8th September  Year 5 & 6 Parent Information Session
13th September  Roald Dahl Day ( non- uniform)
13th September  Reception Parent Workshop- Reading 
13th September  Reading Supper 6-6:45pm 
14th September Year 6 Imperial War Museum tripx 2 classes
19th September  Year 1 - Suntrap Workshop 
20th September  Year 1- Suntrap Workshop
20th September  Reception Parent Workshop- Writing 
20th September  Year 5 Gilwell Park Parent Meeting
20th September  Year 4 River Thames walk trip
21st September  Year 6 Imperial War Museum 
22nd September  Federation Coffee Morning at Dawlish
22nd September  Year Museum of London trip 
26th September  Year 2 Museum of London trip 
27th September  Individual Pupil Photos 
27th September  Reception Parent Workshop- Math
27th September  Year 6 Edinburgh Residential Parent Meeting (5pm)
28th September  Individual Pupil Photos 
29th September  Open Evening - Early Closure 1:30pm 
3rd October  Year 6 SATs Parent Information Session (5pm)
4th October  Year 3 British Museum trip ( Green, Vert)
5th October  Year 3 British Museum trip (Sabaz, Cagaar)
6th October  Reception classes photographed for the local  Guardian 
21st October  Black History Month Sharing Assembly 
21st October  Last Day of Autumn term
24th-28th  October  Half Term- School closed 
10th November  Individual photos for missed pupils 
10th November  Year 4 British Museum trip 
11th November  Year 1 & 2 Learning Workshop 
11th November  Coffee Morning with Year 1  & 2 Deputy Head 
17th November  Federation Coffee Morning at Newport
18th November  Children in need ( non-unifrom/ spotty clothes)
23rd November   Year 3 Vert, Cagaar and Green Natural History Museum trip 
24th November   Year 3 Sabaz Natural History Museum trip 
29th November   Year 5 Violet Museum of London trip
30th November   Year 6 Natural  History Museum 
1st December  Reading Breakfast 
1st December  Year 5 Purple & Sosali Museum of London trip
2nd December  Year 5 & 6 Learning Workshop 
2nd December  Coffee Morning with year 5 & 6 Deputy Head
6th December  Year 5 Jamni Museum of London trip
6th December  Year 2 Yellow and Jallo National Gallery trip
8th December  Year 2 Jaune and Neela National gallery trip
9th December  Coffee Morning with year 3 & 4 Deputy Head
9th December  Year 3 & 4 Learning Workshop 
15th December  Year 1-3 Flu Vaccination
16th December  Winter Bazaar/ Carols by Candlelight 
16th December  Christmas Jumper Day
20th December  EYFS Nativity 
21st December Last Day - Early Finish at 1:30pm 
22nd December Winter Break

Spring Term 

3rd January  First Day of Spring Term 
4th January  Year 2 Parent Information Session ( 5pm)
9th January  Reception Parent Information Session (5pm)
10th January  Year 6 Parent SATs Information Session (5pm)
11th January  Nurse Drop-in-session 9-10am
11th January        Year 5 Photography Project  Exhibition at the  Raven Row Gallery (all parents invited to private viewing at 6-8pm)
12th January  Reading Breakfast  8am
13th January Year 5 & 6 Learning Workshop 9am
13th January Coffee Morning with year 5 & 6 Deputy Head  9:30am 
18th January  Year 5 Jamni trip to Bird & Bird 
24th January  Reception trip to Brooks Farm
26th January  Federation Coffee Morning at Dawlish 9am
26th January  Year 1 trip to the Science Museum 
27th January  Year 3 & 4 Learning Workshop  9am
27th January  Coffee Morning with Year 3 & 4 Deputy Head 9:30am 
3rd February  Year 1 & 2 Learning Workshop  9am 
3rd February  Coffee Morning with Year 1 & 2 Deputy Head 9:30am
6th February  Year 2 Peela trip to Noor UL Islam Mosque 
7th February  Year 2 Yellow, Jallo & Jaune trip to Noor UL Islam Mosque
7th February  Year 5 Sosali trip to Buro Happold
7th February  Year 5 Violet trip to St Paul's Cathedral
8th February Nurse Drop-in Session 9-10am 
8th February  Year 5 Jamni & Purple trip to St Paul's Cathedral 
9th February  Year 5 Sosali trip to St Paul's Cathedral 
9th February Year 3 trip to Victoria Park 
10th February  Last Day of Spring Term 
13th-17th February   Half Term- School Closed 
20th February  First Day of Spring 2 Term
23rd February  Year 5 Violet trip to Brewin Dolphin
28th February Year 4 Blue & Bleu Victoria Park trip 
1st March  Year 5 Purple trip to JP Morgan 
1st March  Year 4 Bulug & Neela Victoria Park trip 
2nd March World Book Day/ Reading Breakfast 
3rd March  Year 5 & 6 Learning Workshop and Coffee Morning   ( 9am- 10:30am)
8th March  NHS Nurse drop-in session (9am-10am)
13th March Reception Red & Rouge City Airport trip
14th March  Year 1 Gris & Dambas Stratford Park trip
14th March  Year 2 Jallo & Yellow Childhood Museum trip
15th March Reception Gaduud & Laal City Aiport trip
16th March  Federation Coffee Morning at Newport  9am 
16th March  Year 1 Grey & Salaeti Stratford Park trip
16th March  Year 2 Peela & Jaune Childhood Museum trip
16th March LAMDA exam 
17th March Year 1 & 2 Learning Workshop & Coffee Morning 9am-10:30am 
20th March  Year 5 Science Museum  trip 
21st March Year 6 Jewish Museum trip 
22nd March  Year 5 Jamni & Purple Royal Observatory trip 
23rd March  Open Evening (early closure 1:30m) /  Nursery CLOSED
24th March Comic Relief- Non uniform day 
24th March  Year 3 & 4 Learning Workhop & Coffee Morning 9am-10:30am 
28th March  Spring Concert/ Art Exhibition 
30th March LAMDA exam 
31st March Easter Bonnet Parade 
31st March Last Day of Spring Term 2- Early Finish 1:30pm / Nursery open for AM session only 
3rd -13th April  Easter Break- School Closed 
14th April Bank Holiday- School Closed

Summer Term

17th April  Bank Holiday- School closed  
18th April First Day of Summer Term
24th April Year 5 Sosali Ragged School trip
25th April Year 1 Grey Salaeti and Dambas Kensington Palace trip
25th April  Nurse drop-in 9am-10am 
26th April  World Book Night/ Reading Supper 
26th April  Year 5 Purple Ragged School trip
27th April Federation Coffee Morning at Dawlish- 9am
27th April Year 1  Gris Kensington Palace trip 
27th April  Year 5 Violet Ragged School trip
28th April  Year 5 & 6 Learning Workshop 
28th April Coffee Morning with Year 5 & 6 Deputy Head
1st May Bank Holiday- School closed 
3rd May  Year 4 Blue, Neela and Bulug trip to National Maritime Museum 
4th May Year 4 Bleu trip to National Maritime Museum 
4th May Year 4 Sleepover Meeting for Parents 5pm 
5th May Year 1 & 2 Learning Workshop 
5th May Coffee Morning with year 1 & 2 Deputy Head- 9am- 10:30am 
8th May KS2 SATs week
12th May Year 4 Sleepover 
16th May SRE Parent Information Session at 9am 
17th May Year 5 Jamni Ragged School trip
17th May Year 6 Gold Little Angel Theatre trip
17th May Nurse drop-in session 9am
18th May Year 6 Sona and Or  Little Angel Theatre trip 
19th May Year 3 & 4 Learning Workshop
19th May Coffee Morning with Year 3 & 4 Deputy Head 
23rd May Year 6 parent's Edinburgh residential meeting ( 5pm) 
25th May Year 5 parent's Gilwell Park residential meeting (5pm)
26th May  Last Day of Summer Term
29th May-2nd June Half Term- School closed 
5th June First Day of Summer 2 Term 
6th June  Year 5 parent's SATs Information Session- 5pm
8th June Polling Day - School Closed 
12th June Phonics Screening Week
12th June  Enabling Enterprise Sharing Assembly (Y1-6 parents) 9am 
13th June  Year 2 Jallo and Yellow Museum of London Docklands trip 
15th June Reading Breakfast - 8am
15th June Year 1 Science Museum
15th June  Year 4 Neela and Bulug Spitalfields City Farm trip 
15th June Nurse drop-in session 9am
16th June Year 1 & 2 Learning Workshop and Coffee Morning 
16th June Coffee Morning with year 1 & 2 Deputy Head 
20th June Year 2 Jaune and Peela Museum of London Dockland trip
20th June  Year 4 Blue and Bleu Spitalfields City Farm
21st June  Class Photographs 
22nd June Federation Coffee Morning at Newport- 9am
23rd June  Year 5 & 6 Learning Workshop  and Coffee Morning 9am
28th June Year 4 Bulug & Blue Science Museum trip
28th June Year 3 Vert, Green and sabaz Vestry House Museum trip 
29th June Forever Curious Exhibition at Hanbury Hall ( 6-9pm) 
29th June Year 3 Cagaar Vestry House trip 
30th June Year 4 Neela & Bleu Science Museum trip 
30th June Year 1 & 2 Learning Workshop 
30th June  Coffee Morning with Year 1 & 2 Deputy Head
30th June Federation Fete/ Eid Event 
3rd July Nurse drop-in session 9am
5th July 

Year 6 Edinburgh residential 

6th July Reception Class Sports Day at Newport School ( 10am-11:30am)
6th July  Year 5 Sports Day at Dawlish School (1:30pm- 2:45pm)
10th July  Year 1, 2, 3 Sports Day at Leyton Cricket Field (9:30am-12pm)
10th July  Year 4 & 6 Sports Day at Leyton Cricket Field ( 1:15pm- 3pm)
10th July  Year 5 Gilwell Park residential 
11th July New Reception Parents Meeting  4:30pm 
11th July  Year 2 trip to Chalkwell Seaside
13th July  Nursery Last Day
13th July  Open Evening - early closure 1:30pm
19th July Last Day of Summer 2 Term- Early Finish 1.30pm


* Cyber Café every Thursday 8:45am-9:30am at Newport Office

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