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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At Newport, we believe that all pupils deserve high quality education which engages, inspires and challenges; so that everyone meets their full potential. We strive to create a safe and happy learning environment which promotes independence and high expectations of all. We are committed to providing opportunities which promote open mindedness, empathy and celebration of the rich and diverse community which we serve; so that everyone is able to contribute positively to society. We are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle choices so that our pupils develop physically, emotionally and morally. We are determined that our pupils will be successful and will leave us as confident, highly educated members of the community.

We do this by:

·       Raising achievement through quality first teaching which enthuses and motivates; aspiring all to fulfil their potential. 

·       Ensuring pupil voice is at the heart of all we do to enable children to become confident, resilient and reflective                      independent learners.

·       Offering a broad and varied curriculum which ensures all children can read, write and are numerate.

·       Having an open and welcoming environment where everyone feels welcome and included.

Mission statement in child speak:

Nurturing environment where we all succeed. 

Enthusiastic learners, striving to do our best.

Welcoming everybody

Persevering to reach our goals in all that we do.

Our voices heard.

Respect is at the heart of our community.

Talents and skills developed.