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Employment as a prefect provides many opportunities for academic and professional development. Prefects find that enhancing student learning is its own reward. Some find that leading provides them with valuable teaching experience. Being a prefect in the school is of great importance, they are students who are a positive role model to all members of the school community. They help to build up a team spirit within the student body, encouraging them also to contribute to the life of the school and to become involved.


The duties of a Precfect:

  • Provide a role model to which other school pupils aspire.
  • Represent the school at important events throughout the year; e.g. Open Evening, Induction day, Presentation Evening, whole school events.
  • Attend regular meetings with the Senior Leaders.
  • Attend consortium council meeting – feeding back the views of the student body.
  • Lead promotional activities for the school including charity events.
  • Take part in the induction of students.