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Sidney Quilter


We were very pleased to receive this letter in the post from the daughter of a previous pupil, who attended Newport School more than 90 years ago. 


Certification of my late father who attended Newport School in 1933.

As you can see its nearly 100 years old. He attended Newport School until the age of 14 in 1933 and this was given before he left. He became a cabinet maker as he was very good in woodwork. In 1939 when the war broke out he went into the RAF and served there until 1945, still using his skills although that was an aircraft.

When the war finished he went back into cabinet making until his retirement; he passed away at the age of 80.

I hope that this incredible achievement by my father which was through the teaching given throughout his learning years at Newport School gives your young people the encouragement that working hard can achieve your dreams.

Susan Wootten Keen (nee Quilter) Daughter

William and John Maddy

We were thrilled to meet former pupils, William and John Maddy, as they were visiting Leyton recently. William attended Newport School from 1942. He was able to begin school at 3 years old because his mother was working on the railways during the war. William's brother John joined Newport in 1952 and was there until he was 11 years old. John fondly remembers his teacher, Mrs Robinson. He explained that Mrs Robinson changed his life by teaching him to read. John was keen to ensure that the current Newport pupils understand just how wonderful it is to be able to read and he hopes they are all enjoying books every day! William and John's younger brother Larry also attended the school from about 1957, but unfortunately he was not with them during this visit. 

It was lovely to meet William and John and we hope they enjoyed their trip down memory lane.

Henry Welham

'My late father Henry Welham lived in Sedgwick Road, Leyton and attended Newport Road Infant School in his early years just prior to and during WW1


I thought you might be interested to see a couple of pictures from that time; the award is on the inside cover of a "Tom Brown's Schooldays" book presented to him as you can see in 1914 when he would have been 6 or 7 years old.


I understand he was one of the pupils on the "charabanc" outside the School prior to an excursion, which I believe was taken at about the same time. The school name is just visible on the name board at the top centre of this picture


Treasured memories of him for me.

Mr Poulain

My father who sadly passed away at the end of last year, was a teacher at Newport Junior School in the early 1950's. Whilst sorting out his photos I found this picture of class 13 from 1950-51.  I don’t really have much info about how long he taught there, which is a pity. I know that he loved teaching those young kids, especially in the area where he grew up before the war.  My father was born in 1927 so he would have been 23 at the time. The children would now be in their mid-seventies. 


It would be great if some of the children in the picture could also get to see this photo.